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    Querida Comunidad,

    February ushers in a time of profound significance, weaving together the threads of history, culture, and communal affection. At UPROSE, we embrace this month with open hearts, recognizing Black History Month, celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, and spreading love in the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

    This month, we honor the enduring legacy and contributions of Black individuals within the environmental justice movement—a movement deeply rooted in the civil rights struggle and the unwavering fight for racial justice. The courage and resilience of these activists have not only shaped the environmental justice movement but have also laid the groundwork for the #ClimateJustice movement that drives us today. Their stories remind us of the intertwined fight against environmental degradation and racial inequality, emphasizing the need for solidarity, understanding, and action across all fronts.

    As we reflect on the progress made and the journey ahead, we draw inspiration from the pioneers who have illuminated the path toward a more equitable and sustainable world. The Black environmental justice movement’s rich history of advocacy and grassroots organizing continues to inspire our collective efforts to bring environmental and climate concerns to the forefront of global justice conversations.

    In the spirit of new beginnings and communal celebration, February also welcomes the Lunar New Year of the Dragon, symbolizing power, wisdom, and the promise of renewal. Let this be a time of rejuvenation for our community, encouraging us to approach our endeavors with strength and optimism.

    Adding to the month’s festivities, UPROSE invites you to “A Revolutionary Love Affair,” an open mic night event on February 16, celebrating the power of love in all its forms. Featuring a lineup of talented artists, this evening promises to be a heartwarming gathering of voices, stories, and expressions of revolutionary love. It’s a perfect embodiment of Valentine’s Day’s spirit—celebrating love as a driving force for change and connection within and beyond our community.

    This February, let’s commit to carrying forward the legacies of those who have fought for justice and equity, celebrating the diverse narratives that unite us, and embracing the power of love to inspire and drive our collective action. Together, we continue to build a world where justice, equity, and love prevail for all.

    With warmth and solidarity,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team


    Querida Comunidad,

    Happy New Year! As we welcome 2024, we also approach a momentous occasion that resonates deeply with our mission at UPROSE – Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This weekend, as we honor Dr. King’s legacy, it’s a poignant reminder of our ongoing struggle for justice, equality, and the rights of every member of our community. In the spirit of Dr. King’s vision and our commitment to environmental and social justice, UPROSE is proud to share our New Year resolutions, each deeply rooted in community empowerment and the principles of just transition.


    Our 2024 Continuing Resolutions:

    1. Strengthen Base Building: Deepen meaningful community engagement which

    amplifies local frontline solutions, that address renewable energy, access to drinkable

    water, food sovereignty and wellness in the fight for climate justice.

    2. Promote and operationalize Just Transition Practices: This year, we aim to

    implement and advocate for just sustainable practices that protect our environmental

    health while supporting our local economy.

    3. Advocate for Policy Change: Work relentlessly to change the rules and ensure

    policy decisions reflect the needs and aspirations of our community.

    4. Build Intergenerational Power: We are dedicated to building community power

    and creating popular education tools about the importance of climate justice and a just

    transition, and the tools necessary to make a difference.

    5. Strengthen Social Cohesion: Embrace Joy and Wellness by creating spaces to

    share stories and ancestral knowledge that ensure our community not only adapts but

    thrives in a rapidly changing world.

    6. Training Youth Leadership: Continuing the legacy of the Black Panthers, Young

    Lords, AIM, Civil Rights Movement and others to ensure our young people have

    everything they need to address the challenges they’ve inherited now.

    7. Center Arts & Culture: We resolve to ensure that our initiatives are accessible,

    inclusive, reflecting, celebrating and supporting the complexity of our diverse


    As we embark on this journey together in 2024, UPROSE invites you, our valued members and supporters, to join us in these resolutions. Let’s work hand in hand, in the spirit of Dr. King’s enduring legacy, to create a more sustainable, and just world. We are excited to see what we can achieve together in the year ahead.

    Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our collective calling.

    Dreaming Collectively,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team


    UPROSE End-of-Year Review: Celebrating Progress and Looking Ahead

    Querida Comunidad,

    Season’s Greetings! As 2023 comes to a close, we at UPROSE reflect on a year of resilience and progress. Despite facing challenges like extreme weather events and navigating a culture focused on extraction, we have stayed committed to our mission, embodying the spirit of a just transition.

    This year was a testament to our collective efforts at UPROSE. We’re thrilled to share some key highlights from 2023 and invite you to support our ongoing work with an end-of-year donation. Your contribution aids our commitment to Black, Indigenous, and matriarchal leadership, all working towards policy change, landscape transformation, leadership development, and tangible infrastructural improvements. Our achievements are not overnight successes; they are the result of years of vision and community-centered action.

    2023: A Year of Groundbreaking Work and Community Empowerment

    • Community-Driven Projects: We launched impactful initiatives like the Community Solar Project and GRID 2.0, emphasizing sustainable energy solutions.
    • Youth Engagement: Our Climate Justice Youth program inspired a new generation of environmental leaders through engaging workshops and campaigns.
    • Community Meetings and Advocacy: Hosting over 50 community meetings, we’ve strengthened our engagement and advocacy, leading to significant policy changes for a more sustainable urban environment.

    Looking Forward to 2024

    As we enter 2024, UPROSE is poised for greater growth and impact. We aim to further empower our community to flourish amidst environmental challenges and continue to elevate the voices that drive meaningful change.

    We thank you for being a vital part of our journey. Your support is the backbone of our mission. Together, we are creating a future that is sustainable, empowered, and resilient. We extend our deepest gratitude to our partners, allies, and funders, whose support is crucial in our leaderful movement. It enables us to provide our youth with alternatives to traditional employment, ensure accessibility through translation services, childcare, and food for community participation, and attract talented BIPOC individuals dedicated to our community-driven vision.

    Con amor y luz,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team



    Mother Earth just went over the 2.0 degrees barrier. We are in serious trouble – while the planet gets hotter and recurrent extreme weather events become normal, many in the US seem to be hunkering down on the values and culture of practice that birthed this crisis. While gleefully padding themselves on the back for their “innovative green tech fixes,” they are in every way the keepers of the past and a threat to our future existence.

    Who gets to live and who gets to die isn’t just being determined in the barbaric wars we are protesting, but at international tables like the COP- all while the federal government is turning just transition opportunities into shiny, extractive pathways blinged out with carbon capture and other trendy false solutions. Carbon capture will not reduce emissions, but will, again, turn our communities into sacrifice zones in the interests of indulging greedy corporate polluters. From takings to trinkets, it seems like a good time to reflect on Thanksgiving.

    In this season of gratitude, we thank our ancestors for grounding us in traditions and values that honor people and the planet. This month, UPROSE celebrates Indigenous Peoples Month and Puerto Rican Heritage Month recognizing the resistance, and invaluable contributions of these communities to our shared narrative. Their story – a story of generational extraction of land, labor, colonialism, enslavement is so much the story of Thanksgiving. It is playing itself out right now, as you read this Thanksgiving newsletter.

    In this spirit, we share the concept of ‘Thankstaking’ – While we value coming together in gratitude, we also recognize that traditional celebrations have overlooked significant losses, especially among indigenous peoples. ‘Thankstaking’ is an opportunity to honor our collective strength and resilience, and to remember those who are not with us, and those we are losing because environmental racism is also an act of violence.

    UPROSE stands in solidarity with global peace efforts, particularly highlighting the pressing need for a ceasefire in Gaza. Understanding conflict as not only a human tragedy but also a critical climate justice issue, we know wars and militarization exacerbate environmental degradation and are barriers to climate goals.

    This month, consider drawing inspiration from Indigenous wisdom and celebrate Puerto Rican heritage, while actively seeking paths toward peace and mutual respect. We view climate justice as integral to global peace efforts, recognizing that real harmony includes the health of our people and the planet.

    In this season of reflection, remember we have the collective power to transform our gratitude into action that ensures a world that honors and protects every member of our global community.

    We are grateful to the diverse, loving and transformational community that makes it possible for us to get up every morning, head to work ready to roll up our sleeves and hold the work of revolutionary love. We are grateful that we are “in good company,” that we have you, and together we are the frontline.

    En Solidaridad,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team


    Saludos Mi Gente,

    As sun children, we sadly say hasta pronto to summer, but welcome October’s flirtatious hues and the month’s cool winds. Sometimes, we just have to be cooled down from the heat exacted on us from injustice. This month beckons us to pause, reflect, and draws us to the wisdom of our Indigenous elders, and the steadfast commitment to peace and justice. In the spirit of Indigenous Peoples Day this season offers UPROSE an opportunity to reflect upon our collective accomplishments, the challenges ahead, and the urgent global matters that strike our heart and demand our attention.

    From Puerto Rico to Palestine

    UPROSE firmly stands against colonialism, imperialism, and war, especially in the context of Indigenous Peoples’ struggles for reclaiming land and sovereignty. As a climate justice organization, we cannot remain silent about the recent distressing escalation in the Middle East. We condemn the violence and oppression carried out by all involved, recognizing that these acts carry heavy consequences for the Palestinian people. As a Puerto Rican founded organization , we have always understood that the Palestinian struggle against imperialism and colonialism is deeply tied to the broader struggle for self-determination. We condemn the Israeli government’s forced occupation and displacement of Palestinian people, the state of apartheid and the decades long violence and repression faced by Palestinians. We condemn the acts of violence carried out by Hamas and other groups, understanding that violence, regardless of the perpetrator, perpetuates suffering and hinders the path to peace, justice and unity. UPROSE remains committed to standing in solidarity with all those who fight against oppression, injustice, and war.

    October is also Latino Heritage month. As Afro-Indigenous descendents of colonialism from the Caribbean and the Americas, Latino Heritage month is for us a celebration of difference and commonality. We honor our roots and celebrate the richness of our cultures, traditions, and stories that have contributed immensely to the world’s cultural mosaic. The spirit of our peoples resonates with the values of community, resilience, and vibrancy and resistance.

    We invite you to journey with us as we champion values of unity, peace, and justice. Together, let’s celebrate the diverse tapestry of global stories and histories, and pay homage to the Indigenous custodians whose voices and legacies have indelibly shaped our lands for generations. The fight for climate justice is shaped and informed by these values.

    Paz y Poder,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team


    The Path to Climate Justice is local

    -Elizabeth Yeampierre

    Querida Comunidad,

    September vibes renew us; we can almost hear Earth, Wind, and Fire providing the soundtrack to our fall flow.

    Last month, we proudly launched the “Grid 2.0” report – the PLAN – the collective community-based effort to forge a path to address the multidimensional problems faced by frontline led communities like ours. The Grid 2.0 honors over 10 years of community based planning in Sunset Park and is packed with solutions to decarbonize our neighborhood while building local ownership and community wealth. There is lots of excitement around GRID 2.0., a testament that a just transition is not just aspirational, that it is operational.

    NYC Climate Week has reminded us that caring about climate change isn’t always the same as caring for racial justice or working in partnership with frontline BIPOC climate justice leadership- that core values grounded in racial justice are rooted in a culture of practice – not rhetoric and not funding to purchase authenticity or street cred. There is so much at stake and it is heartbreaking to see a racial justice roll back in the climate change movement. Notwithstanding, we will hold it down and continue to follow the goals of the Climate Justice Alliance. We will continue to

    Fight the Bad

    Build the Good

    Change the Rules

    Move the Money

    and Change the Story


    Dear Community,

    August is a month of profound growth and impactful initiatives for UPROSE. As we continue our journey to champion climate justice, we’re excited to unveil a significant milestone that promise a brighter, more sustainable future for our community.

    🌱 The Climate Justice Center – A new expansion on August 18th

    We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our space, aptly named “The Climate Justice Center.” Set to open its doors on August 18th, this center will serve as a hub for climate activism, community engagement, and just transitions. Positioned at the heart of our mission, The Climate Justice Center is not just a space—it’s a commitment. A commitment to nurturing local leaders, incubating green projects, and fostering a collaborative spirit to face the challenges of our changing climate.

    August promises to be a month of collective progress. We’re taking the frontline led, radical, transformative steps demanded by climate change and the political moment. Be part of the process of operationalizing our collective reimagined future and mark your calendars! We can’t wait to share, collaborate, and build.

    With love, care and expansion,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team


    Beautiful People,

    As we dive into the heart of July, we find ourselves not only in the heat of summer but also in the middle of Disability Pride Month. This is a momentous time to celebrate the strength and resilience of people with disabilities, and to affirm our commitment to creating a world that is inclusive, accessible, and just for all.

    The current heatwave, predicted to be one of the hottest on record for New York and across the United States, serves as a stark reminder of our ongoing battle for climate justice. This month, we are keenly focused on two pressing environmental challenges that are exacerbated by rising temperatures – heat vulnerability and air quality. Our communities, especially those who are most marginalized, including people with disabilities, bear the brunt of this climate crisis. From children playing in overheated streets to elderly individuals and disabled community members living in buildings without adequate air conditioning, the effects of heat vulnerability are life-threatening and immediate. Higher temperatures contribute to the formation of harmful ground-level ozone, intensifying the respiratory distress among community members, particularly those with pre-existing health conditions.

    While these challenges may seem overwhelming, at UPROSE, we believe that resilience lies in community and unity. Disability Pride Month underscores this belief, reminding us of the power of diversity and the strength that comes from inclusion. It’s a call to action for all of us to ensure that our climate justice efforts prioritize the needs of people with disabilities.

    This July, we’re intensifying our efforts to tackle these critical issues. We are committed to promoting initiatives that cool our cities, improve air quality, and protect the most vulnerable among us. We invite you to join us as we gather community members on Saturday, July 29 to share feelings on recent events, inform how climate change is impacting our health through visible signs like poor air quality and to build community during more rampant threatening occurrences. See more details below. Join us on this journey to create a safer, more equitable environment for everyone, regardless of ability

    Continuing the good fight,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team


    Beautiful People,

    As we step into June, we find ourselves in the midst of celebrations and paradoxes that hold even more significance as we navigate through the increased air pollution caused by the fires of climate change.

    Celebrating Puerto Rico and all our peoples under an Orange Sky

    We started this month with the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, a vibrant celebration of our Puerto Rican community. The intentional visibility of our peoples on the streets continues to be an act of reclamation of identity and defiance against a history of erasure and colonialism. The celebration manifested on the heels of an orange sky reminding us of how prescient our ancestors were when they taught us to honor Mother Earth. Even as we celebrated, we knew the lungs of Black and Brown people, already compromised by a legacy of toxic exposure, would be further harmed by the by-product of greed and political compromises.


    Mid-month brings Juneteenth, an historical marker of the end of enslavement in the United States. This day reminds us to continue fighting for Black Liberation and recognize the substantial contributions of the African American community to all who enjoy rights in the US.


    June is also Pride Month, and we stand firm with our LGBTQ+ BIPOC community, celebrating their strength, love, and courage, particularly at this time when all that they have fought for and hold sacred is being dismantled.

    Fathering Day

    We round off our celebrations with Fathering Day, honoring the fathers and father-figures who have provided us guidance, strength, the acceptance of all genders and transformation.

    In celebration of Fathering Day, UPROSE encourages critical reflection on the non-patriarchal aspects of fathering. Traditionally, the term “father” has been linked to expressions of dominance and control, and we propose a shift in perspective to better acknowledge the full spectrum of the fathering experience. A non-patriarchal approach emphasizes nurturing, collaboration, and emotional openness as key aspects of fathering. We honor all who play a decolonized fathering role, in its many forms and across genders, and we emphasize the importance of emotional connection, shared responsibilities, and the fostering of mutual growth. This Fathering Day, let’s celebrate those who break away from strict patriarchal norms to create a world where nurturing care and empathy are intrinsic to the role of fathering. We must cultivate an environment where the matriarchal qualities of liberation and non-violence are the norm for future generations.

    Our current situation with the wildfires underscores the urgency of our work. Despite these challenging times, our spirit remains unbroken, and we are more relentless than ever. We invite you to join us in these celebrations, in taking action, and in protecting the sacred.

    Walking With Our Ancestors,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team


    Dear Community,

    As May unfolds, we come together to celebrate several significant observances: Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, Mental Health Month, and Mother’s Day. This edition of the UPROSE newsletter is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the rich history, culture, and resilience of the AAPI community, while also raising awareness about the importance of mental health for everyone and celebrating the nurturing spirit of those who mother.

    Throughout history, the AAPI community has made invaluable contributions to our society, overcoming challenges and breaking barriers. At UPROSE, we acknowledge the incredible achievements and recognize the struggles the AAPI community continues to face. In tandem, Mental Health Month serves as a crucial reminder that well-being is a fundamental aspect of our lives. This month, UPROSE is committed to fostering conversations around mental health, sharing resources, and advocating for support systems that promote well-being for all.

    We are also thrilled to spotlight author, environmental justice scholar, and native New Yorker Julie Sze, whose groundbreaking work highlights the intersection of environmental justice, public health, and the AAPI community. Her interdisciplinary approach, combining scholarly research with grassroots initiatives, has shed light on the critical intersections of race, class, and the environment, while developing a generative model of the work that’s possible to uplift communities as an academic activist. Julie Sze’s unwavering dedication to climate justice and community empowerment, deeply rooted in her connection to New York City, has left an indelible mark in the realm of environmental activism.

    Join us as we embark on a journey of appreciation, reflection, and understanding this May. Together, let’s honor the remarkable history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, prioritize mental health in our daily lives, and cherish the invaluable role of mothers and mother figures in our lives. We encourage you to participate in our upcoming events, engage with our work, and spread the word to help cultivate a more just, equitable and compassionate world.

    With care and lightness,

    Elizabeth and the UPROSE team