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    Explore the chronicles of our journey towards climate justice! Dive into our archive of past newsletters, brimming with insights, updates, and stories that have fueled our mission. Revisit the milestones and inspirations that have shaped our collective efforts for a greener, fairer world.

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    Greetings! We have transitioned to working remotely and are continuing our efforts in building social cohesion and supporting the community. Until further notice, our office will be CLOSED but we remain accessible. Thank you for your patience as we adapt to this pandemic to serve you best!

    Email us at info@uprose.org and/or leave us a voicemail at (718)-492-3907 with any questions and concerns. We can also be reached through our social media platforms.

    Please take the time to look through our resources to see what can aid you the most at this time!

    Now more than ever, let’s practice collective care together!
    As members of the Climate Justice Alliance, we want to stand in solidarity with their Just Recovery Response to COVID-19, check it out here!

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    Just Transition Model

    From Banks and Tanks to Cooperation and Caring: A Strategic Framework for a Just Transition

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    Community Climate Justice Core

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    UPROSE – Upland Connectors – Video #2

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