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A Month of Reflection: Celebration and Revolutionary Love

February 1, 2024

Tired of health disparities, community leads frontline solutions to climate change: 

February 13 | Article Link

Communities tire of health disparities and lead frontline solutions to climate change in a groundbreaking effort to address environmental injustice. Read more on how grassroots initiatives by UPROSE are making a difference in the fight for a healthier, more equitable future.

US DOT Sec. Pete Buttigieg did NYC a favor by rejecting its bid for $800M in Biden bucks to fix the BQE and ensure another 50 years of Robert Moses:

February 7 | Article Link

Big news for NYC! The federal decision to deny funding for the BQE as is could be a turning point, says BQEJ Coalition. This opens a path for more sustainable, community-focused urban planning. Time for innovative solutions to take center stage! #SustainableCommunities

January 25 | Article Link

Here, we celebrate the life and enduring impact of Pablo Yoruba Guzmán. An iconic figure in activism and journalism, Guzmán’s legacy was honored in a heartfelt ceremony in East Harlem. His work as part of the Young Lords Party and as a bridge-builder through his journalism was lauded by voices across the community. His commitment to social justice and his ability to engage with media to amplify critical issues remain inspirational. Guzmán’s legacy continues to influence our mission and the broader fight for equality and justice. Read more about his remarkable contributions and the celebration of his life in the article by UPROSE’s esteemed board member Neyda Martínez Sierra on Amsterdam News​