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Climate Justice and Energy Democracy: Putting Frontline Communities First

Sep 20, 2023| 3:00 - 7:00 PM

Verizon Center at Cornell Tech (map)


New York’s transition from fossil fuel generation and the scale of investments needed to achieve an emissions-free grid holds immense promise to upend long-held notions of land use, economic mobility, and quality of life in Energy Justice communities. Transforming energy infrastructure in densely populated urban areas into a net benefit will require reimagining legacy power plant sites, redesigning New York’s working waterfront, and localizing a supply chain and talent pipeline in the very same frontline communities. Is this nascent industry up to the task of disrupting and stopping enduring patterns of inequity and profound injustices in our City & State? Join us for an engaging and unique Climate Justice discussion. Our very own Lovinia Reynolds, Energy Democracy Coordinator, will be a panelist.

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