100% Renewable Energy

Developing regenerative energy infrastructure that drives economic development for frontline communities is at the core of a Just Transition. UPROSE has a long history of opposing the disproportionate siting of fossil fuel facilities. However, our current work focuses on promoting energy systems that advance local and regional climate solutions.


Just Transitions 

Community-Owned Solar

UPROSE is in the process of developing a community-owned solar facility in Sunset Park aimed at supplying renewable energy exclusively to local low-income renters. We have three projects in progress, ranging across public, private, and faith-based properties. A central objective of this initiative is not only prioritizing frontline communities with renewable energy development, but demonstrating that alternative models of infrastructure ownership and control can and must be explored.

Wind Power

UPROSE strongly believes in leveraging maritime industrial properties for the manufacturing of offshore wind components. We continue to actively explore ways in which the development of offshore wind could catalyze local ancillary businesses along the working waterfront to support the expansion of this emerging economy. In doing so, we can stimulate local economic development, prevent displacement, and promote an industrial hub that serves the entire region's climate adaptation needs.