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Is There Room for Both Green Jobs and High-End Retail on the Brooklyn Waterfront?

On one side, there’s the United Puerto Rican Organization of Sunset Park-Bay Ridge, more commonly known as UPROSE, founded in 1966, and led by the fiery Elizabeth Yeampierre. It claims the title of Brooklyn’s oldest Latinx community-based organization, and among other activities has been working for years to bring back blue-collar jobs while simultaneously addressing environmental justice and climate change issues along the waterfront in Sunset Park. Yeampierre, a lawyer by training, also serves as the national steering committee co-chair of the Climate Justice Alliance.

Community Solar Developers Get Creative to Finance Big Projects

In 2016, Curbed New York described a “tidal wave” of wealth washing over the waterfront neighborhood of Sunset Park in Brooklyn. After decades of abandonment, developers had swooped into the community with plans to transform the area into the latest edition of gentrification news. But groups like Uprose, Brooklyn’s oldest Latino community-based organization, stepped in to fight for equitable solutions that would not only keep long-time residents in the community, but bring their voices into the decision-making process. Read more