NY Curbed

Finally, A Park Grows in Brooklyn's Last Industrial Pocket

The gritty, inaccessible waterfront of Sunset Park is one of Brooklyn's last industrial strongholds, its cobblestone streets lined with active train tracks, its shoreline home to fenced off warehouses and piers. But the neighborhood is currently being transformed by several large-scale redevelopment projects, spurred on by a plan created in 2009 by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC). New businesses and higher rents have brought a different demographic to Industry City, while the Brooklyn Army Terminal continues to remake its campus and is beginning a new $100 million renovationproject this year. Sandwiched between these burgeoning complexes, on a series of formerly abandoned piers behind Bush Terminal, a rare bit of green space recently opened to the public, offering nearby residents access to their waterfront for the very first time.