The Master’s Tools will Never Dismantle the Master’s House
— Audre Lorde

Our Tools for Achieving Climate Justice  

Community Organizing

As a frontline grassroots organization all of our campaigns are built to address problems that the community of Sunset Park have brought to us as a concern. We actively engage the community in our campaigns at every stage  with community workshops and trainings on city planning and environmental policy.  


As people of color, intergenerational leadership is part of our history and culture. It is necessary for the advancement of justice in frontline communities and prevents our communities from putting another generation in the position of having to make the same mistakes of another generation. At UPROSE, we believe that we learn across generations and that movements are stronger, more strategic, innovative and leader-full when everyone regardless of age is meaningfully and respectfully engaged. Our work exists at the intersection of racial injustice and climate change. No one is going to be more impacted by these challenges than young people of color- yet, they are the least responsible for creating this epic crisis. Young people come to UPROSE to become involved and work as organizers, community scientists, artists, writers , GIS mappers, urban planners...leaders. They organize the annual NYC Climate Justice Youth Summit, the nation’s largest gathering of young people of color on climate justice - they change their life, the landscape, our community - us.  Campaigns are initiated, meetings are facilitated and all are involved in high level work - because we believe our young are not at risk, but that they are "at potential," and we provide the space to grow- we can't imagine it done any other way.


UPROSE incorporates community art development into its campaigns, accessible to all age levels and reflective of local culture. We organize and host cultural events to honor, celebrate, and bridge the diverse roots and traditions of the Sunset Park community. From “know your roots” programs for the local community to open mic nights from artists, poets and performers. Our work is rooted in the struggle of our ancestors. 

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