Founded in 1966, UPROSE is Brooklyn's oldest Latino community-based organization. An intergenerational, multi-racial, nationally recognized community organization, UPROSE promotes sustainability and resiliency in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood through community organizing, education, indigenous and youth leadership development, and cultural/artistic expression. Central to our work is advocacy to ensure meaningful community engagement, participatory community planning practices, and sustainable development with justice and governmental accountability. As lead advocates of climate justice, UPROSE views the just urban policy—ranging from transportation to open space—as the heart of climate adaptation and community resilience.



  • Organize the largest gathering of young people of color on climate justice

  • Stopped the siting of power plants

  • Doubled the amount of open space in Sunset Park

  • Led a successful urban forestry campaign

  • Facilitated multiple community-based plans

  • Send our Youth Leaders to 1st tier Colleges

  • Brought back the B37 bus line

  • Send our youth leaders on scientific expeditions to Antarctica and the North Pole

  • Facilitated the expansion the Fourth Avenue median

Current Campaigns

All of UPROSE's work is done in the interest of a Just Transition, a move away from the extraction economy and towards climate solutions that put frontline communities in positions of leadership. Our work occurs at the intersection of social, racial, economic, environmental, and climate justice, where different campaigns and initiatives naturally feed into, complement, and support one another. 



100% Renewable

100% Renewable

Youth Organizing

Youth Organizing

community & Industrial Business resiliency

community & Industrial Business resiliency



Small Business RESILIENCY

Small Business RESILIENCY


UPROSE is a proud member of the following coalitions and alliances:

Building Equity and Alignment for Impact

BEA-I brings together dynamic grassroots organizing groups, effective national green organizations, and innovators in philanthropy to advance the progress of the environmental movement towards a just transition and directly confront powerful polluters. BEA works to build equitable relationships and expand the pool of resources for base-building organizations in people of color, Indigenous, and low-income communities that are achieving results on the frontlines of the climate and ecological crisis.

Climate Justice Alliance

CJA is a growing member alliance of 58 urban and rural frontline communities, organizations and supporting networks in the climate justice movement. Member organizations lead CJA by anchoring major Just Transition projects focused on the social, racial, economic and environmental justice issues of climate change.

Climate Works for All

Climate Works for All is comprised of environmental justice advocates, community organizations, and Labor unions with the goal of addressing climate change and income inequality. Formed in 2014, the coalition focuses on promoting policies to tackle both reductions in carbon emissions, as well as resiliency.

Grassroots Global Justice

GGJ is a national alliance of US-based grassroots organizing (GRO) groups organizing to build an agenda for power for working and poor people and communities of color. They understand that there are important connections between the local issues we work on and the global context, and they see themselves as part of an international movement for global justice.

New York City Environmental Justice Alliance

NYC-EJA is a non-profit citywide membership network linking grassroots organizations from low-income neighborhoods and communities of color in their struggle for environmental justice. NYC-EJA members include community-based organizations located across New York City.

NY Renews

NY Renews is a coalition of more than 140 grassroots, state, and national organizations. The coalition aims to make New York State the nation’s leader in tackling the climate crisis while protecting workers and investing in communities on the front lines of climate change.


#OurPowerPRnyc campaign is a grassroots effort to unite the Puerto Rican diaspora under a shared platform to address injustices in the US government's response to the crisis of Hurricane Maria, demand Puerto Rican self-determination and sovereignty, and ensure a just recovery and transition to a regenerative economy. 

Protect Our Working Waterfront Alliance

POWWA is a broad coalition of local residents, small businesses, artists, academics, faith leaders, and advocates all committed to preserving the industrial character of the Sunset Park waterfront to: protect and expand career-track manufacturing jobs, prevent the displacement of working-class residents and blue-collar businesses, and develop for climate adaptation and resilience.


The REVitalize partnership seeks to strengthen capacity for environmental justice communities to carry out local clean energy projects and planning efforts that improve community resiliency and establish coownership of energy.

When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
— Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider